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Antigone Vastakis – A Spiritual Journey from Media to Mystic

Antigone Vastakis – A Spiritual Journey from Media to Mystic

Antigone Vastakis sits down with Lights Camera Action and tells us about her amazing spiritual journey from media to mystic.

Antigone Vastakis is a 5th Generation Clairvoyant dedicated to healing. She specializes in Angel Readings, Tarot, Astrology, Feng Shui, Numerology, Mediumship, Past Life Discovery, Dream Interpretation and Reiki for people and pets.

She has worked in the Film, Music, TV and Fashion Industries, and is a recurring guest on Great Day Houston with Deborah Duncan. She recently gave Predictions for 2015 on CBS KHOU News and the CW’s NewsFix.

Antigone 2015 Predictions for CWNewsFix

Antigone 2015 Predictions for CW NewsFix

Tell our viewers a little about your background from media to astrology.

I’m a native Houstonian and a 5th generation intuitive of Greek Ancestry and of the Greek Orthodox faith. Our family property is located in Patmos, Greece behind the Cave of the Apocalypse.

I attended the University of Houston for Radio Television Communications and was on the Cougar Guard. Yes, I helped take care of Shasta, the live mascot of U of H. After interviewing Charlton Heston the first semester of my freshman year, I realized how easily people opened up to me during the interview process and were willing to share their personal experiences – including their spiritual beliefs.

In 1991, I began writing for Houston Theatre Monthly magazine. For eight years from 1992-2000, I further advanced my writing career at the Houston Heights Tribune, specializing in celebrity profiles, the arts and philanthropy.

In 1994, Channel 39 (now the CW) contacted me to host Just One Look, a dating and romance reality show. After that, I made plans to move to Los Angeles. My first stop — Hollywood in May of 1999. From the moment I arrived in Los Angeles, I continued to work with my intuitive gifts to assist others. In 2000, I attended classes at the Kabbalah Centre, and became friends with a producer from E! Entertainment who asked me to Feng Shui Anna Nicole Smith’s office for her TV reality show. From that appearance, Walt Disney’s Entertainment Law division contacted me twice to Feng Shui their offices in their archives building.

I continued to combine my corporate life with intuitive readings for private clients. My love of designing jewelry and learning about the healing properties of various stones led to the creation of my jewelry line, Antigone Jewels.

While visiting in Houston over the past several months, I have been a frequent guest of Deborah Duncan on Great Day Houston, and was recently featured on CBS KHOU News and the CW’s NewsFix for 2015 New Year’s Predictions.

It’s springtime, which is very auspicious for Indians as it is a time to embark on new beginnings. What would you like to suggest for a great new start?

It all begins with you. Start by cleansing and blessing your home and office to create a sacred space of tranquility and joy. You can use sage to clear out negativity and use a variety of beautiful green plants to bring in more prosperity and love. Get rid of or donate old items that no longer serve you. Setting your intentions and making a wish list of what you are ready to receive is always nice, and then of course – follow through.

Antigone Vastakis, Deborah Duncan and Cynthia Jones

Antigone Vastakis, Deborah Duncan and Cynthia Jones

How to stay away from negative energy?

In my sessions, I teach my clients that it is important each day to set your intentions with morning prayers and meditation. I love working with positive affirmations and Archangels. Finally, and this is very important, be mindful of your energy in order to attract only the very best people and situations to you. Listen to your body. If you feel happy with whoever or wherever you are, stay and enjoy yourself. If you feel a sinking feeling, graciously exit stage left and leave.

Tell us about your classes at Body, Mind and Soul.

I am currently teaching Archangels 101 and Archangels II classes on a regular basis. I’ve also been teaching workshops on Calling in The Beloved, The Energy of the Eclipses, and The New Moon New You. For my private sessions, I am teaching Tarot and Astrology; Feng Shui for homes and businesses, and a special Vision Journaling – Crafts & Cocktails event at Treehouse Arts and Crafts in West University.

What are your predictions for this year?

The world is at a tipping point. We are all being challenged to evolve to the next level of our lives personally and professionally. Relationships require better communication and more love or it’s time to let them go allowing new ones to come in. Are you being authentic and kind to others? Are you operating from love or from a place of fear? The reveal is that the “old system” of working simply for material gain without consciousness no longer suffices. Specifically in Houston, everyone is worried about the oil and gas industry and job security. It’s definitely going to turn around. What can you do now to contribute to humanity and do differently in the meantime to fill the well of your soul? Step outside of yourself and help others. Houston is the number one philanthropic city in the nation. Career opportunities abound. Technology, energy, the environment, along with health, wellness and the arts are huge right now. Stay open, be bold and try something new.

What does astrology mean to you?

It’s the science of Astronomy along with an individual’s birthdate that unlocks their human code of information, which then offers a blueprint for strategy and success that I translate.

I believe that everyone has a gift of some kind. If we are willing to be open and connect lovingly with each other for the greater good, we can create a better world.

Connect with Antigone at You may also find Antigone on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pintrest.

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