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Golden Journey of Pushkala

Everyone knows that Indians are crazy for gold. This statement cannot be completely denied as Indians really love their gold jewelry as they serve a special significance during weddings and special occasions. Houston’s two talented ladies Swati Madhusani and Hema Prasad started this company Pushkala from their passion for gold and jewelry.

The mission of Pushkala is to offer their customers a wide selection of fine gems and jewelry at conservative prices while providing exceptional customer service. They strive to materialize your jewelry dreams into a reality. These two full time mothers are very passionate about the business and continue to work on creating a fusion of contemporary and traditional designs with the best quality of gemstones and manufacturing.

“With the help of sophisticated technology and a rudimentary understanding of market needs, we offer quality products at competitive prices to our clients,” explains Hema.

Hema Prasad is passionate about giving back to society and takes pride in serving as the community service chair. Hema has an MBA and is GIA certified. She is a serial entrepreneur, dabbled in various products before she found her true calling in jewelry. She is the founder and owner of Pushkala LLC. She is passionate about design. As part of her business she travels all over the country and works with many different communities and organizations.

Swati Madhusani, a former software engineer, switched careers to pursue her goal of becoming a jewelry entrepreneur. She enjoys working with people and finds a great similarity between the two careers as its very important in both to build trust and respect with others. Her passion for jewelry emerged from personally choosing trendy, unique, well-designed and high quality jewelry to fit her family and friend’s individual styles for many years. She was able to morph and scale her passion into an actual brand by partnering with Hema Prasad and launching Pushkala. She is currently working on her GIA certification to strengthen her knowledge and offer excellent service in the industry.

Watch the beautiful golden success story of Pushkala and what gold means to South Asian Culture.

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