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Minimalistic Approach – Amplified Solutions

Minimalistic Approach – Amplified Solutions

The latest trend these days is the ‘minimalistic look’. Interior design magazines are filled with pictures of sleek white tables and cool steel edges. Though fashion trends tend to change on the regular, when it comes to technology, less is always more.

rob_todd_amplifiedNo one likes to see a cluttered desk filled with wires and gadgets, a streamlined work space is always preferred. Amplified Solutions is a company that does just that – makes life simple. The founder, Rob Todd currently chairs the Tower Permit Commission for the great city of Houston.

Amplified Solutions has already helped find solutions for Memorial Hermann, AT&T, GRB Houston and several others. By allowing Amplified Solutions to streamline your communications network, you can grow your company and help it expand.

Amplified Solutions founder, Rob Todd is the new chairman of a subcommittee of the Tower Commission. Prior to obtaining this post he served on City Council, on the Regulatory Affairs Committee and of course with Amplified Solutions. In total he has 15 years of experience in the telecommunication world.

Houston Mayor Anise Parker has given him the task of rewriting they city’s wireless ordinance. This is no small feat, but his previous experience and work in the tech sector has undoubtedly prepared him.

Being a busy father himself, Todd understands the importance of communication and works to make it more accessible for all. With Houston being the 4th largest city in the nation, keeping everyone on the same page is crucial to the city’s success, and it is in good hands.

“Working for Rob at Amplified Solutions has been a wonderful experience. It has been fascinating to be a part of a new movement and to be to be on the cutting edge of where the telecommunications industry is going. I have learned so much from Rob’s expertise, and I am excited for the future with Amplified Solutions,” shares Project Coordinator at Amplified Solutions, Marijke Robinson. “Rob is a smart communicator, and I think that trickles down into our processes. It gives us a better-than-average understanding of how to design and optimize large scale cellular data networks. Creating these systems can be complicated, but Rob’s expertise allows us to break it down and simplify things in order to get the best results,” she added.

Stay tuned as we will feature Amplified Solutions CEO Rob Todd in our Trailblazers – Successful Entrepreneurs Series. For more information on Amplified Solutions please visit

Inputs by Natasha Naik

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