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Shopping Soiree and Bollywood Blitz Benefit – Snake Charmers and Surprise Proposal!

Shopping Soiree and Bollywood Blitz Benefit – Snake Charmers and Surprise Proposal!

Ruchi-Mukherjee-BW2Shopping Soiree

Houstonians surely know to beat the heat and have some fun. Latin Women’s Initiative Cocktail Reception brought more than 60 guests with both women and men eagerly shopping for handbags and clothes at the Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera Boutique in their Galleria store. The proceeds from the shopping soiree went towards the Latin Women’s Initiative, which helps disadvantaged families and children.

Spotted in their fashionable best: Gustavo and Marzia Feyervary, Ted and Beata Loch, Leisa Holland Nelson, Maria Bassa, Karina Barbieri, Maria Palle, Cheryl Byington, Rossana Moreno, Martin Gondra, Matt Dionne, Dr Michael Yafi, among others.

Bollywood Blitz Benefit – Snake Charmers and Surprise Proposal!

More fun and glamor was spotted as Dr. Monica Patel and Cindi Rose made Houstonians dance to Bollywood tunes. More than 300 people attended the “Bollywood Blitz” benefit raising over $40,000 to benefit “Enslave No More” and “The Hope House” to stop sex trafficking. “We have to work very hard and fast,” philanthropist Cindi Rose said. “Sex trafficking is a 350 billion a year business and of the 6,000 run aways that come to Houston each year, one in three is sex trafficked in 48 hours,” C. Rose informed.

The party got a lot of attention, and why not, it had some fabulous ladies such as Amanda Abiassi, Vanessa Derks, Crystal Saldivar, Neera Patidar serving as the host committee and they did the impossible and made a hugely successful and meaningful night, in less than a week. The evening had everything westerners can think of when they think of India and Bollywood: snake charmers (not to keen on the snakes), fashion show, Indian drummers, Bollywood themed decor, henna art, dancing and more.

It was one happening evening with a crowd dressed to impress in gorgeous intricate Indian attire, head gear and arms full of Indian bangles. Live auctions, champagne girl pouring unlimited drinks, a Bollywood live performance by the hostess herself while getting a surprise proposal by her boyfriend Imad Kalil who had also donated a red Mitsubishi car which sold for $20,000.

In the crowd was Gigi Huang, Lily Paxon and Enrique Salinos, David Fink, Erica Rose (stunning in light brown locks) from The Bachelorette with Cory Shivar also from ABC’s Bachelor fame, Allison Reeves, Merissa Littell, Betsy Benton, Gregg Opendoef, Ben and Laura Max Rose, Azar Taleghany, Sharon and Michael Brier, Alex Martinez, David Arpin, Beth Cassidy Garcia, Arthur Villa-Real, Darian Ward, Michael DeMarse, Dr. Erica Sato, Dr. James Suliberk, Dr. Pawan Grover, Mahzad Mohajer, Butch Gutzman, Staci Henderson, and others.


  1. I would like to comment it was a beautiful party enjoy I would like to know how can I purchase my picture I appreciate it have a wonderful first time

    • Thanks Azar for your comment! Please contact Ruchi by using the Contact Us form regarding photos.


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