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Blunt Force Trauma – Hometown Boy Debuts in Hollywood

Houston’s sprawling with creativity. Be it fashion, theater or cinema, the city is thriving with talent. Attorney and also now film producer/actor, Jason Gibson was the center of attention at the Sundance Theater, Downtown Houston with the local premiere of his action film Blunt Force Trauma. The party began with a red carpet reception while family, friends and fans continued the party at Club Cle in Midtown.

Savannah Grace Gibson, Amanda Dykmann, Alexis Rogers

Savannah Grace Gibson, Amanda Dykmann, Alexis Rogers

The action packed movie was a take from Kill Bill / Fight Club with stars like Ryan Kwanten, Freida Pinto and Mickey Rourke. Gibson played a minor role in the film with Freida, however Houstonians seemed to enjoy the film with mixed reviews. “Ahh I could just watch the film again and again because of Freida Pinto,” exclaimed Neal Hamil, who was present at the premier to support his good friend Jason as a former Board Member of Houston Cinema Arts Society of Houston Film Fest.

Jason Gibson a former college boxer plays the rough bad guy in the film who maintains his real life physique. This Texas boy’s enthusiasm for movies is impeccable and told LCA Houston about his few other significant roles in the works including one with Al Pacino, Sir Anthony Hopkins and Josh Duhamel.

Folks including those from media  and local film industry gathered to cheer for this hometown talent. Amongst the partygoers were: Jerri Moore, Sharon Melton, Miya Shay, Deborah Elias, Edward Sanchez, Jerri Moore, Neal Hamil, Liz Decker, Debbie Pakzaban, J. Michael Solis, Carolyn Farb, Savannah Grace Gibson, Amanda Dykmann, Alexis Rogers, Judge R. K. Sandil and many others.

Watch the exclusive video interview with LCA Houston.

Photo Credit: Daniel Ortiz

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