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Curry Delight at Great W’kana Cafe

Curry Delight at Great W’kana Cafe

Keeping the culture alive! It was Eid Time. Eid al-Fitr a festival celebrated by muslims, like any other festival means enjoying time with friends and family along with some traditional food. Eid is not complete without biryani as it is considered the most prominent dish along with curry and a special dessert saviyaan (a local form of long pasta) with dates. To enjoy all this and more we headed to the Great W’kana Cafe.

Curry Delight at Great W'kana Cafe (5)

Chef Sunil Srivastava with Ruchi Mukherjee

W’kana means “harmony” in Sanskrit, which is fitting for the taste of the food and ambiance of this quaint Indian restaurant. Specializing in Rajasthani cuisine, Chef Sunil Srivastava takes wonderful Jaipur dishes and adds a slight fusion twist for flair. From seafood items like roasted salmon with grain mustard and chili, to succulent meat dishes like goat cooked in the Rajasthani style with house ground spices, there is a wide array of choices to suit every pallet.

And as delicious as this sounds, none of these were the reason I wanted to try W’kana. The only one thing I had on my mind when I stepped into the restaurant was a dish close to my heart: Dum Goat Biriyani. Slow cooked in a handi pot sealed with dough, the boneless pieces of goat, aged basmati rice, and spices are steamed to perfection. It was served to the table completely sealed, where I had the pleasure of cutting into the dough, releasing a flood of fragrant steam. The meat was tender and the spices well balanced, yet surprisingly spicy. This is not an easy dish to make and speaks to Chef Sunil’s true talent. Chicken, lamb, shrimp, and two vegetarian versions are also available.

The Great W’kana Cafe is a welcomed addition to the rather stale Indian food scene Houston has seen as of late. With their recent opening of W’kana Express, servicing the Energy Corridor, Chef Sunil has begun serving my second favorite dish, Kati Rolls! Looks like I’ll be paying the Chef a few more visits! Make your Sunday or any day currylicious and for more information visit Great W’kana Cafe. Stay tuned for more ‘Keeping the culture Alive’ segments. Also watch the feature on Bengali Cuisine on FOX 26 Keeping Bengali cuisine alive in Houston.

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