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No Spoilt Kids Please!

No Spoilt Kids Please!

By Ruchi Mukherjee

Who wants spoilt kids? Actually no one, yet at times parents with busy schedules or not so busy make mistakes or are not able to instill in their children how privileged they are or the importance of giving back. Houston Children Give Back is just that organization whose mission is to build caring hearts and help children learn about their world, appreciate the blessings and create positive change. This can only be possible if the parents themselves have a sense of responsibility so they can offer guidance and direction. It was appropriate that Houston Children Give Back’s First Inaugural Luncheon featured Ron Lieber author of ‘The Opposite of Spoiled’ at the Junior League of Houston on Monday October 5, 2015.

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“Our children here are blessed with many privileges. Our vision is to partner with the Houston community and other charitable organizations to create platforms for hands-on learning opportunities for elementary aged children and families to get involved and make a difference,” explains Anika Jackson, President of Houston Children Give Back.

The First Inaugural Luncheon was a sell out success with the hard work of host committee members, sponsors and event chair Staci Henderson. Guests thoroughly enjoyed the presence of Ron Lieber, who is the “Your Money” columnist for The New York Times. Ron certainly values the importance of teaching children the value of money and instilling good habits of wants and needs. He stressed upon family’s open conversations on income, priorities, charities that need to be supported and so on. “It is important to teach the children at a very young age the discipline of giving back and its importance,” says Ron.

As a financial columnist and father, Ron holds high value in talking about money with kids as a key factor to good parenting. His book ‘The Opposite of Spoiled’ is a combination of practical guidance and values based philosophy. The foundation of the book is a perfect guidance in handling the basics like: the tooth fairy, allowances, chores, charity, saving, birthdays, holidays, cell phones, checking accounts, clothing, cars, part-time jobs, and college tuition. The book embraces the topic of money and encourages parents to raise generous and less materialistic kids.

Copyright 2015 STP Images, Inc.The organization started with a group of mothers who were driven to instill in their children the value of philanthropy. Within one month, these moms from diverse backgrounds organized their skill sets and Houston Children Give Back was born. “Things are so different now. Everything is instant and at your finger tips. They have the technology and all the perks, organizations like these are so helpful to give the children and the parents a sense of direction,” says Nancy Almodovar, CEO NAN & Co Properties. It was insightful speaking to Houston writer and philanthropist, Michael Pearce regarding the organization, he states that “I was a spoiled child. My family knew how hard it was to earn a dollar, but I certainly didn’t. I cringe now when I think back on how I behaved. Because of my shameful past I’m hyper-sensitive to not raise my children to be entitled or spoiled. And I think the luncheon was incredible as we need to learn to raise financially literate children,” explains Pearce.

Supporting this great cause were mostly ladies in fashionable gear. Some of the head turners were, Staci Henderson, Anika Jackson in a David Peck, Tracy Faulkner, Donae Chramosta, Layla Asgari, Mandy Kao, Dena Piano Winkler, Kerri Lynn Inglesby, and Nina Gutierrez Garcia. Also present, William Kennelly, Matt Burrus, Tanaz Choudhury, Munira Panjwani, Tammy Greene Dowe, Beth Younger Purpich, and others.

For more information on Houston Children Give Back please visit Houston Children Give Back – Building Charitable Hearts.

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