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Fashionista of the Month | Britta Merwin

Fashionista of the Month | Britta Merwin

She has those looks of Kate Middleton, poised, elegant and sophisticated, Britta Merwin identifies herself first as a Meteorologist, her daily role in broadcasting. “Being a journalist provides a unique opportunity and in my opinion an obligation to positively impact one’s community. I love the fact that I get to make an impact in someone’s life and hopefully bring a smile to their face,” she shares.

International correspondent and LCA Houston Host, Ruchi Mukherjee had the privilege to sit down with this gorgeous KPRC Channel 2 Meteorologist, Britta Merwin at Adair Kitchen to find out more about her.

As a TV personality, mother, and wife how would you describe your style?

Being a Mom my fashion style needs to be easy and fast. I have always been drawn to the classics. I love to buy pieces that are timeless, beautiful, and most of the time are clean and simple. I also love color! Putting on a vibrant color starts my day off with positivity. It is amazing how an outfit can transform your attitude.

We found out that you had a modeling career. Tell us about that. And what inspired you to be a journalist?

I always considered myself more of a Meteorologist than a Journalist. When I was 8 years old my local meteorologist came to my 2nd grade class to talk to us about the weather… that moment changed my life and from then on I was awe inspired by the weather. I grew up in Colorado where we have tremendous thunderstorms and every summer I threw myself into studying and discovering all things weather.

I modeled as a teenager but my career never skyrocketed. My agents always said I was born for TV but I was always too shy to go on acting auditions. In college I found a new sense of confidence and it turns out my agents were right.

Any funny incident that you would like to share about your career?

Although I am serious about weather I love to have fun. I am known for performing Michael Jackson’s Thriller on Halloween (usually behind scenes but once it did make live TV)

Britta Merwin (2)

What do you love about Houston?

What do I NOT love about Houston? The weather is what drew us to Houston originally but when our family moved here we discovered so many things we loved. I love the diversity and melting pot of cultures Houston has. I love all the fun things you can do in the city and most of all the opportunity Houston brings to people moving to Texas. It is a great place to live and wonderful place to raise a family.

Your Mom mentioned you love wearing Saris… what do you love about Indian Culture?

When I was younger I was drawn to the brilliant colors. As an adult I have come to love the food and appreciate the strong sense of tradition within Indian Culture.

Well you do not look a day older than a 22 year-old. What is the secret for your beautiful glowing skin?

First of all, Thank you! My first tip is WATER. When I was pregnant with my first son I learned that water is very important and I started to notice that it made my skin look amazing. Since then I always have a water bottle with me. As long as I have my water bottle I remember to drink plenty of water. I also make sure to wash my face every night and every morning. You will never catch me falling asleep in my make up! My last tip is give yourself a break! On my days off I relax on the hair and make up front and stick to moisturizer and chap stick.

Your style icons?

My biggest style icons are Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana and recently Catherine The Duchess of Cambridge. I love how their styles are classic and timeless. Years from now they will still be considered flawless.

“Although I love getting dressed up I have to say I also equally love dressing down. I try to be stylish for work but on my off time yoga pants and comfortable clothes find their way into my daily life. I do have 3 pieces of jewelry that I NEVER take off. My engagement ring, my wedding band and a charm bracelet my husband started for me on our wedding day. I am a working Mom and life revolves around my 2 angels,” concludes Britta.

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  1. I just love Britta.She is a wonderful addition to my favorite news station. All of you feel like family to my family. And we would be totally lost without our KPRC family.

    Every single one of you bring something very special to all of us who are regular and loyal watchers.

    Be Blessed all of you, all the days of your lives

    Thank you.

  2. Brittany always looks good and comfortable in her clothes. Does she wear her own clothes on tv?


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