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Let’s set the Party Tone with Ella Markovsky

Let’s set the Party Tone with Ella Markovsky

Bold and beautiful, Ella Markovsky has the attitude of a rockstar. Born and raised in Kharkov (city), Ukraine, Ella was a good student apart from being very popular and always the best dressed in school. Born creative, Ella loved dancing and singing and never failed to be the center of attention. It was not easy living in Russia; the cruel climate, harsh history, and skeptical outlook on life made Ella value stability, security, and social order. “Moving to the US was my childhood dream. I always knew this dream would come true,” shares Ella.

Ella Promotions (5)Just like the saying, “Sky’s limit and anything is possible in the United States, the land of opportunities,” Ella Markovsky’s entrepreneurial traits coupled with her culture and outgoing personality inspired her to host top lavish parties. “Russian people love to party, and everything associated with it: dressing up, drinking, dining, dancing, socializing, and I am a true representation of my culture. That’s why the slogan of my company is “4D Entertainment: Dine, Dance, Drink, Dream, and I am known as the ‘Woman-Holiday!’,” chuckles Markovsky.

Ella’s parties are big and flashy with detailed attention towards hospitality. Her larger than life imagination helps her to create fabulous events and shows. Behind the success of each party is a lot of hard work, dedication, preparation and creativity, thus making it difficult for Ella to single out her favorite among all the events she has hosted. “It get’s bigger, better, and bolder each time. But, if I have to choose, “Le Fantome de la Balle The Masquerade” (Phantom of the Opera Ball) and “Midsummer’s Night Dream Gala” were my favorites,” she informs.

She doesn’t just give a name or theme to the party, Ella creates a grand atmosphere for her friends and guests to revel in the excitement of the theme and feel like they are part of a fairy tale. While she is busy hosting the New Year’s Eve party she beams with excitement about her next big project “Hollywood Ball” in 2016.

Ella Promotions (8)Creativity and show business certainly runs in the family. Ella Markovsky’s son performs at most of her events. “He is a very talented boy and I want to give him an opportunity to shine and demonstrate what he can do. I am very proud of him. He is an extraordinary boy with a kind soul. I think as a performer he enjoys the applause from the audience,” says Ella, the proud mother.

At present Ella and her production team are busy preparing for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. “Russians believe that the tone of New Year’s Eve will set the tone for the rest of the year: A quiet holiday predicts a quiet, uneventful year, while a New Year that’s rung in with a wild and rambunctious party signifies the coming of an exciting year full of new activities,” she smiles. Ella Markovsky invites Houston friends for a roaring party, the Russian style, featuring nostalgic vibes and sounds of a Soviet childhood. “Guests don’t have to be Russian or speak Russian to attend. Just come dressed to impress and celebrate with us dinner and live music by Tetyana Newkirk & Entertainment,” says Ella Markovsky.

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