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René Garza – Artist | Profile of the Month

René Garza – Artist | Profile of the Month

I have known René personally as the fashionista, the stylist who works his charm with fashion, style and art. René has worked with many celebrities and fashion icons. Houston knows him as the sweet loving René who puts his heart into his art.

veiled_omissionAn outstanding artist of many mediums, fashion and celebrity stylist, New York based René Garza is known to have created a body of work that reflects his long standing love of conceptual art. Garza draws inspiration from travel, minimalism, geometry, dark gothic and romanticism and recently returned to his hometown, Houston, where he was raised, for a public art installation called “A Moment“.

His work of art covers an entire building’s facade and is meant to inspire calmness in our busy lives. “A Moment” follows up the exhibition of a drawings of graphite on paper at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Currently Andrew Martin International, Houston showroom, is exhibiting and selling 30 acrylic on canvas paintings and 10 photography prints for a limited time. The aesthetically inclined and talented René Garza has spent 15 years in the business of art and styling with a commendable command over his craft. Houston based company AER Textiles is collaborating with Garza to develop a line of custom luxury rugs based on his designs. Two designs are currently available and more are in the works. LCA Houston International Society News sat down with the artist for a chat.

Tell us about your favorite artist and why?

I’m very drawn to minimalist artists, Mark Rothko has been a favorite for a long time. There is so much emotion in his paintings, I can sit and stare at them for a long time. I was very drawn into surrealism and Dali and Frida Kahlo’s paintings made a huge impact in my childhood.

As a stylist which celebrity did you enjoy working with?

One of my favorite celebrities that I enjoyed working with was Alicia Keys. I worked on several magazine covers in New York before she asked if I would style her music video “No One”. She is so down to earth and caring. Alicia surrounds herself with very like minded people. She is always so calm relaxed and always has this positive energy.

What do you love about Houston?

I was raised in Houston, Texas and my parents live here. For years I would only come every other year for Christmas. Spending a year in Houston has been very special. I got to re-connect with old friends and have met some very inspirational people. This city is very philanthropic and very supportive to artists.

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