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Houston Glorifies Fifty Shades Vegas Style Parties

Houston Glorifies Fifty Shades Vegas Style Parties

It’s a hot Houston summer, but is the city ready for this kind of sizzle? If you thought Houston was boring and are looking to escape to Las Vegas, you might think twice after attending Ella Promotions Fifty Shades of Grey Party hosted by Ella Markovsky. If you’re wondering just how risqué a party named after the infamous novel could be, the answer is “very”.

IMG_2160The event took place at the Meridian & Gatherings Banquet Center on Bissonet. A very unassuming entry opened up into a surprising wood-paneled hall that had a speak-easy kind of feel to it. This only added to the theme of the party. Guests were dressed in appropriate (or inappropriate depending on your level of adventure) attire, ranging from skimpy lingerie to suit and tie.

The entertainment for the evening definitely pulled no punches. A number of dancers, models, and even the the DJ were decked out in erotic fetish clothing (or lack of clothing). For the less inhibited, there was a skimpily dressed girl swimming in a giant martini glass and a naked woman covered in sushi. Dancers were adorned in more leather, lace, and studs than I have ever seen in one place.

Though some compared it to a “Vegas” theme, I can’t really say this was the case. There was some definite hardcore fetish on display and certainly not for the faint of heart. Is mainstream Houston ready for this? Titillation and erotica are perhaps best served in secret. The taboo is, after all, part of the appeal, so maybe what happens in the Houston underground, stays in the Houston underground. But at least Houston has a place to go to satisfy some of its more primal urges.

LCA Houston Correspondent sat down with party girl Ella Markovsky to talk about her parties and future plans.

How long does it take to host such parties?

Normally it takes about two months. This event took a little more time than most.

Do you wish to bring Las Vegas style parties to Houston?

It’s funny that you asked. I am actually doing a Las Vegas theme for this New Year’s party. The only difference is that it’s not “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, since what happens at my parties is what everyone is talking about.

What has been the response of Houstonians to Ella’s parties?

The responses I get most are “When is the next one?”, “It was the best party I’ve ever been to!”, and “How are you going to top this one?”.

What should we expect from parties such as this Fifty Shades of Grey Party?

Expect the unexpected. We will push the boundaries with adult themes, racy performances, music, and explicit content.

For more information about upcoming parties or hosting them visit Ella Promotions.

Photos by Brad Ottosen

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