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The Power of Styling

The Power of Styling

By Ruchi Mukherjee

Stylist Powers: Fashion Stylist Lisa Powers of StylePoint is a powerhouse who is taking Houston’s fashionable set by storm.


Lisa Powers

There is something magical about organizing your space. Whether it’s your office desk, home or the closet. “Clothes play a vital role in a woman’s life and an organized closet can be very empowering,” explains Lisa Powers.

CEO/Founder Lisa Powers at StylePoint provides a full service brand dedicated to making women feel beautiful, empowered and chic, from the inside out.

Lisa got her start in this industry working her heels up the luxury retail ladder as a style consultant and top sales producer. It was at that point she knew that she could carve her own space in the fashion styling industry under her own brand.

Powers, with a background in Social Work, is well aware that looking good also means doing good. She has a philanthropic heart and lends her talents to giving back to charities that are very near and dear to her, including The Women’s Home, CASA, and Dress for Success to name a few. With an ever expanding clientele in the Houston area, Lisa Powers plans to open up her very own Fashion Stylist Atelier in the near future. Summer vacation is the perfect time to catch up with this style guru as she exclusively shares her tips on keeping our wardrobes organized and clutter free. Lisa sat down with LCA Houston/International Society News and showed us why having a closet that one would love to shop for is the #1 request from her clients.

My 5 Tips to Maintaining a Closet that You’ll Love to Shop for

  1. If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it!!!! Clothing hung up randomly with no rhyme or reason is difficult to pick out and will most likely be overlooked. Organize your hanging clothing by some type of standard that best makes sense to you. When I do a closet edit, I always organize according to category (tops, pants, skirts, dresses) first, subcategory (tanks, sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve) and lastly color (ROYGBIV) This follows the natural progression of how most of us get dressed which makes it easier to just walk in and pick out what you’re going to wear.
  2. Most “Closet Clutter” (clothing that you don’t wear) is a result of shopping habits, so I address the root problem and advise my clients to do the following when shopping.
    • If you’re in a fitting room and you’re not sure about something you’re trying on, here’s a test that you can always rely on. If you can’t think of 3 pieces in your closet that go with the piece, take a picture of yourself in it and put it on hold. By doing this, you save yourself from either wasting money on something you’ll never wear, or worse yet, having to spend more money to be able to wear it at all!
    • On sale is not always a bargain! A $15 top will be the most expensive piece of clothing you own if it’s still hanging with tags on it a year later. Enough said…
    • If it needs alterations beyond a simple hem and the store doesn’t offer alterations, my advice is to just walk away.
  3. Invest in uniformed hangers and get rid of thick bulky hangers altogether. Also, hang clothing facing the same direction! Not only does this look so much nicer, it also makes it easier to see each piece of clothing. I like the velvet “hugger” hangers, they’re so much easier on the clothing. But it’s really a personal preference.
  4. Reserve a highly visible spot for clothing that needs to go out for alterations/repairs/dry cleaning. Again, if you see it, you’re more likely to take care of it!
  5. Make sure all of your shoes, handbags, and accessories are easily visible. I like to keep my shoes organized by occasion. But some may like to organize by the type of shoe. Also, drawer dividers are a very inexpensive way to organize sunnies, scarves, gloves, belts, knitted hats/beanies, and (a must for me) shoe and handbag sleeper bags.

When it comes to our closets, it’s all about convenience, efficiency, and yes visual aesthetic! If there’s something in your closet that you’re proud of, SHOW IT OFF!!!! Have fun, buy a velvet bust to display a favorite necklace or find a hat stand for that amazing one of a kind hat. It’s worth a trip to the Container Store and an afternoon in your closet to personalize this space and make it all about what makes you happy. And can I just say, you deserve nothing less!!!!

If you want to schedule an appointment with Lisa Powers visit

Photographer: Jay Marroquin
Hair: Dennis Clendennen
Make Up: Lisa Capuchino
Model: Roberta Blackmer


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