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7 Smashing Street Foods of India

7 Smashing Street Foods of India

Are you among those who just can’t resist your taste buds and feel like running for a bite whenever you see a roadside stall with spicy, scrumptious, and mouth-watering delicacies. Then get all set to discover some lesser known street foods across the stalls of India which you’d regret for not hitting on earlier. Trust me they are as smashing as the ones you always run for.

1. Tandoori Momos: Mamamiiiia

Photo by: Shreya13jain, CC BY-SA 4.0

This is one such delicacy which travelled all the way from China to Tibet and now to Northern part especially Delhi. It comes in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. I am sure you are certainly in love with the roadside momos stall near your street. But wait! Have you tried the new version of this extremely amazing dish? It’s tandoori; yes; you heard it right, ‘Tandoori Momos’. The capital city of the country is much famous for the twists and turns and in that respect this recipe too got a new form which is more sizzling and lip smacking. Some famous stalls and shops in Delhi where you will find them ready to attack are Giri Momos, Hungerstrike, Yo Tibet, Momo Mia and the list never ends.

2. Fried Ice Cream: Happiness Fried

Photo by: Hungry Dudes, CC BY 2.0

Ice cream lovers, there’s a twist in your favourite ice cream which has made it even more tastier. I know it sounds quite unusual; but, give it a try; and you’ll be amazed. To prepare this, a breaded scoop of ice cream is deep fried and served instantly. It envelopes the scoop in a crispy coating and keeps your ice cream perfectly solid and chilling. This new turn in the good old ice cream has added a snacky flavour to it. You can find it in some stalls near cities like Delhi which is a food capital too.

3. Jodhpuri Kachori: From the Royal State

Photo by: Puneet vivid, CC BY-SA 4.0

This savoury snack is a staple breakfast for the locals of Rajasthan. It is usually a round flattened ball made from refined flour and has a stuffing of spiced potatoes or lentils. It is then deep fried and served with a tangy syrup. This world famous kachori is served in various forms as it changes its route through different states of the country. In some states, it is enjoyed along with a yogurt and in some with a spicy curry.

4. Pani Puri: Spicy Little Bombs

Photo by: Sruthi612, CC BY-SA 4.0

How can pani puri not find a place when listing the all-time favourite street foods of India. As soon as you head out to a market, pani puri stall is the first thing everybody looks up for. This is an amazing spicy, tangy and minty delight which can water up your tongue at any time of the day. Not only young and children but also adults cannot resist to enjoy a treat with pani puri. This recipe has various names in this country. Some call it golgappa, puchka, patashi and some even call it as water balls.

5. Vada Pao: The Traditional Burger

Photo by: Rutvi Mistry, CC BY-SA 4.0

Widely known as an Indian version of burgers, this spicy stuffed bun is a food from the Maharashtrian state. There is no better place than a roadside stall to enjoy this authentic Marathi recipe. It is prepared by placing a spicy potato based stuffing along with chillies and red paprika into a bun. Streets and beaches around Mumbai are full of stalls serving Vada pavs.

6. Poha: The Healthiest the Yummiest

Photo by: Manidis Roberts, CC BY-ND 2.0

This recipe comes from the cuisine of Indore and is a healthiest breakfast consumed by a large number of people every day. This is made from flattened rice which are then cooked with vegetables and curry leaves. To add a tangy twist lemon and spicy chickpeas are added upon it. In Indore, it is enjoyed along with jalebi which is a sweet dish made with hot sweet syrup.

7. Idli and Sambhar: From Southern Brothers

Photo by: Leon Brocard, CC BY 2.0

This dish is a traditional food of southern states of India like Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Idlis are rice balls that are steamed and are served with a spicy vegetable curry. A chutney made from grinded coconuts and spices make it taste even more authentic and yummy.

A mere smell or an aroma is sufficient to tell about the taste and flavours of a country and street foods are one such sight which catch the glimpse of every individual be it a tourist or a localite. They display a first picture of the country because food can converse without words. So, get ready to heat up your taste buds on your next visit to the country.

Story by Rohit Agarwal

Author Bio:
The author Rohit is an emerging food blogger and is fond of trying new cuisines and is especially interested in bringing to light the hidden flavours of his homeland. You can read more about them on Trans India Travels.

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