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Asia Society Texas Center Hosts Mina Chang at the Women’s Leadership Series

Asia Society Texas Center Hosts Mina Chang at the Women’s Leadership Series

The Brown Foundation Performing Arts Theatre was nearly filled to capacity last Tuesday for the latest installment of the Women’s Leadership Series. Mina Chang, CEO of Linking the World, was the perfect keynote speaker for the topic “Changing the world through social innovation”.

Melanie Lawson and Mina Chang

Mina, a graduate of Harvard, resides in Dallas and spends her days working in violence prone countries to prevent and counter violent extremism. She works with world leaders in countries including Afghanistan, Somalia, and Iraq to find the underlying causes of instability.

Mina spoke fondly of her young daughter, who she says shares her same adventurous spirit, and how they would FaceTime each other when she was working with children abroad. Her career has been focused on working with international relations and alleviating violence and wars. However, prior to Mina’s more serious work, she was also very well known in Korea as a pop star, and even had several celebrity endorsements.

She shared a little of her personal story of how she came into this position, and then answered questions from ABC 13’s award winning Melanie Lawson who was the evening’s moderator while Houston’s very own woman powerhouse Mandy Kao introduced Ms Chang. The floor was then open to the audience who asked Mina questions about her work and time abroad.

Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, was also in attendance. The Women’s Leadership Steering Committee is chaired by Dr Anne Chao and Paula W Hinton. The next installment in the series will be Wednesday, March 29 and will feature Cherie Blair, the former First Lady of the United Kingdom.

Story by Natasha Naik

Photos by: Jeff Fantich

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Natasha Naik is currently a student at University of Houston studying public relations with a passion for charity. She has recently completed a missions trip in Haiti, working with the missionaries of charity. She also loves to travel along with her other hobbies like cooking, music, and trying hands on fashion.

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