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Power Couples of Houston – Valentine’s Day Edition

Power Couples of Houston – Valentine’s Day Edition

Ruchi-Mukherjee-BW2Come February we all secretly aspire for love and that special someone to be close to and share the joys of life. At least most of the optimistic lot does. Love is a beautiful thing if shared and experienced with the right person. While Houston can boast to be at the forefront in business, employment growth and cultural heights we can also certainly claim Htown to be a hot spot for love and romance. With the rise of society parties and galas, Houston’s couples are rocking the scene.

LCA Houston International Society News Magazine is very proud to present this Valentine Season’s Houston’s Top Power Couples. The world is mesmerized with power couples from reel life to real life. Houston’s rich diversity and economic growth has sprung up a whole new generation of power couples. Hollywood glamor is happening right here in Htown. These are real power couples who are not only red carpet ready but involved with charity and making the world a better place for the upcoming generation.

Married for 25 years Brigitte and Bashar Kalai are unconditionally in love with each other. They love being silly as well as brutally honest. Even with their busy schedules between work and charity, this couple always makes time for date nights and never leave each others sight. They are proud parents to 18 year old, Alex who is a freshman at Rice University and 15 year old Remy who is a sophomore at the Kinkaid School. Alex and Remy have learned the value of hard work and that giving back and serving the community is the highest privilege. Bashar Kalai is the founder and currently the President and CEO of Amerapex Corporation, responsible for overall management, strategy and execution. These almost native Houstonians, are actively involved with several charities throughout the community including but not limited to St. Jude, Nora’s Home, and Operation Smile. They were honored with the John Connor Humanitarian Award in 2016.

A beauty queen, stunning, down to Earth, former Miss Texas and Miss USA runner-up, Nicole O’Brian Lassiter is one of Houston’s gems. Married to an amazingly awesome man James Lassiter is the CEO of the Lassiter Law Firm, where his practice is devoted to helping people who have been injured and make sure that their rights are protected and voices are heard. Together they support many charities but American Cancer Society and Susan G Kamen are their two favorites. Currently an actor and model with Page Parkes Center of Modeling and Acting in Houston and she is the CEO of a consulting business, Bee Your Best Inc. where she coaches young women on stage presentation, modeling, poise, styling as well as interview training and interpersonal skills. “I strongly believe to never go to bed angry and never be afraid to express your feelings with boundaries and from a place of love not anger,” adds Mrs. Lassiter.

Tracy and Harry Faulkner proud parents and dedicated to many philanthropic endeavors. Harry is a Petroleum Engineer, Petrophysicist, avid reader. Together they are co-chairing the Houston Achievement Place Gala. Spotted at many galas and supporting events Tracy is simultaneously mentoring and volunteering in four schools helping students to read, write and stay on track for their future. This couple is always supportive and happy, with nothing but love and respect for each other.

Shawntell McWilliams is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana, currently residing in Katy, Texas with her husband Keith McWilliams, who is a Vice president at JP Morgan Chase. For more than 15 years, Shawntell’s dedicated focus has been a humble approach toward methods of giving back through community service initiatives.

Through their tremendous efforts, they have helped raise thousands of dollars for civic organizations, communities, and education. Childcare Council of Greater Houston, Sisters Network Inc, The Ensemble Theater, UNICEF, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, The National Kidney Foundation are some of their favorite charities.

Rania and Ramy Mankarious. We all know Rania the fearless Executive Director at Crime Stoppers of Houston, working tirelessly to make Houston a safe city while supporting many charities and friends. Whether it’s a friend in need to talk about domestic abuse or serve as a contributing writer for a publication, she is a true powerhouse. However, Ramy her Anesthesiologist husband is the quiet yet brilliant pillar of her strength. “Ramy observes everything that is happening in the chaotic world around us. I have found that usually he is the sweetest and kindest person in the room,” she adds. “I feel safe when I am with him as he encourages me to keep moving forward, through the incredible obstacles that are at times facing me and I adore him for everything,” shares Rania.

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Ruchi Mukherjee, Editor/Founder of LCAHouston, started her career in journalism and reporting with The Times of India, her stories have journeyed from India’s notorious red light districts, to NASA breaking news, to interviews with Hollywood royalty. Along with her stint in journalism and reporting, Ruchi takes active initiative to volunteer for various nonprofit organizations that involve women and children.

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