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Taverna Celebrates Sagra Del Maiale (Festival of the Pig)

Taverna Celebrates Sagra Del Maiale (Festival of the Pig)

Beginning of January, Lombardi Family Concepts’ Taverna and Toulouse whisked through creative week-long specials that honor popular Italian traditions and cuisines.

My destination was at Taverna the warm and inviting neighborhood restaurant offering a truly Italian experience without having to leave the comfort of Houston.

Taverna featured authentic Italian dishes paying special homage to Sagra Del Maiale (Festival of the Pig), an annual festival with roots in Northern Italy that celebrates pork and its dynamic use within traditional Italian dishes. The menu included a frisée salad with warm-braised pork belly, a poached egg and sun dried tomatoes, a soft parmesan polenta with a sausage ragu, and pancetta wrapped pork tenderloin over cannellini beans and kale stew with Vincotto sauce.

Chef Francesco Schintu at the restaurant with nearly two decades of experience in the restaurant industry, where he became an expert in Italian cuisine and kosher food preparation.

Using seasonal ingredients and a variety of northern Italian delights, they strive to create the perfect menu ranging from mouthwatering entrees to delicate pasta and Located at 4444 Westheimer Suite A 120 in River Oaks District, we highly recommend you to enjoy the essence of authentic Italian flavors in a rustic and welcoming interior where customers become friends and family.

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