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Diversity in Hollywood

Diversity in Hollywood

Ruchi-Mukherjee-BW2Oscar season is a wrap again in Hollywood. This year’s nominees were a diverse group. It’s hard to say if last year’s controversy regarding the under representation of minorities had an effect, but it’s a welcome sight to see recognition given to a wider group of talented artists.

LCA Houston recently caught up with Indian-American pop star Reggie Benjamin who has made a splash with his recent album Duets 2017, which consists of 9 classic songs from Elvis Presley to Frank Sinatra, with 9 celebrities including Joe Mantegna, Smokey Robinson, Eric Benet, Carl Weathers, and Jodie Sweetin, and others. Born in Canada and raised in Chicago, Benjamin’s Christian preacher father instilled in him a love for Elvis’s gospel music. Reggie went on to obtain a degree in Music Voice from Chicago’s Columbia College and founded his own music label soon after.

In addition to his achievements in music, Benjamin also recently walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes for his own documentary “Mission To Save Her”, a story about human trafficking. Reggie says, “I simply want to raise awareness for this cause and to help educate people about this issue. I don’t think it can ever be stopped, but we can surely raise awareness and help make it better.”

Benjamin has also signed a deal in Hollywood for a new movie called “Bollycops”. Filming starts this summer and it will be released in 2018.

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Ruchi Mukherjee, Editor/Founder of LCAHouston, started her career in journalism and reporting with The Times of India, her stories have journeyed from India’s notorious red light districts, to NASA breaking news, to interviews with Hollywood royalty. Along with her stint in journalism and reporting, Ruchi takes active initiative to volunteer for various nonprofit organizations that involve women and children.

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