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Beauty with Blaine | Summer Body Special Edition

Beauty with Blaine | Summer Body Special Edition

It’s that time of the year again! Sweet Summertime in Houston. Many people prepare for months in order to look and feel their best for Summer and achieve that perfect bikini body. Other than eating healthy and working out, which are the best and most effective ways to getting into shape, I have to admit I do partake in some other activities that help keep my body feeling and looking great! Here are some of my little secrets to having the perfect summer body.

Semi-new to the health and beauty industry is Cryotherapy. At least four times a week I go to a company called ICryo to do full-body cryotherapy. I step into a small enclosed chamber for three minutes, in which cold nitrogen gas is released. This creates a rapid drop in body temperature. The body then goes into a natural process of heating itself back to a normal body temperature. This creates a 500-800 calorie burn, energy boost, and increased collagen and blood circulation throughout the body. It also helps with muscle recovery and soreness. I’ve noticed when I do cryotherapy I sleep much better, and my skin looks tighter and healthier! I also love getting ICryo facials! The same nitrogen gas used in the full body cryotherapy process is targeted on your face, decreasing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, increasing collagen levels, and even improving acne. ICryo has 4 locations spread out over the greater Houston area.

Blaine Ochoa

Secret number two is Pilates. Houston’s newest boutique pilates studio, Blessed Body Pilates located in the Museum District, is one of my favorite places to go for an amazing workout! Blessed Body specializes in reformer pilates that helps build muscle tone and definition more than your traditional version of pilates. You will definitely be sore after taking a class!

Right next door to Blessed Body is the Exclusive Care Wellness Center. The Wellness Center is a day spa that offers guests a variety of services. From facials, to beauty and hydration drips, cosmetic injections, laser hair removal, and fat burning machines, you can definitely find what you’re looking for to add that little something extra to make your summer body looking even better. My personal favorite is the Vanquish machine. This machine heats your body to melt fat away and create a more toned look.

To keep my body looking tan and glowing for the summer, I love using Sally Hansen Spray Tanner. It is a spray on mist that tans your legs effortlessly creating a golden bronze look. It is very affordable and easy to travel with during all your summer vacations!

These are some fun things I love incorporating into my routine to keep my body looking top notch for the summer and all year round. If you haven’t heard or been to some of these places, I highly recommend stopping by and trying them out! Have a fabulous and fun summer, everyone!

About The Author

Blaine Ochoa

Blaine Ochoa is the 2017 Miss Houston First Runner Up and studied Communications Studies at Texas State University. Alongside getting ready for the Miss Texas Pageant, Blaine is also the Marketing Consultant at the Pinkerton Law Firm and has a passion for writing, traveling, health and fitness. Blaine Ochoa is a new addition to the LCAHouston family.


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