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La Martinière: A Royal Legacy

La Martinière: A Royal Legacy

It is not just a school. It is an institution of perfection, class and elegance. At the heart of the vision of the school are the beliefs of its founder Major General Claude Martin and the strong connection that the school and its students share with France.

Every La Martinière student in India dreams of one day visiting Lyon, France, the birthplace of the school’s founder Claude Martin.


Lyon, the earliest protected area of France and a UNESCO World heritage Site, is a bustling metropolitan city full of hidden treasures in its quaint and beautiful “traboules,” or passageways. It is known, not only for the captivating charm of its historical museums and heritage sites, but also for its Lyonnais Bouchons serving mouthwatering French cuisine, making Lyon rightfully the gastronomic capital of the world. However, as a Martinian, I share a unique bond with Lyon. Every student of La Martinière develops a deep French connection with the city, as it is the birthplace of the Founder of the La Martinière Schools in India and in France. I traveled to the magical city of Lyon on September 13th to take part in the Founder’s Day Celebration honoring Claude Martin, a tradition that binds Martinians around the world.

La Martinière for Girls Kolkata, India, a School in its 182nd year, is known for creating students of character, instilling in them not only knowledge, courage, and skills to take on the challenges of the world, but to give back to society so that they may create a more progressive world. It is not just a school. It is an institution of perfection, class, and elegance. At the heart of the school’s vision are the beliefs of its founder Major General Claude Martin, and the strong connection the school and its students share with France. Ms. Danielle Martinod, who works to promote the educational and cultural partnerships between the schools in India and France, hopes to impart to the students a knowledge of the rich history of the institution and philanthropic ideals of the founder. “This year, for the first time, the President and the Head of Alliance Francaise of Lyon, have shared this tribute with all of us, to officially sign an agreement which is aimed at facilitating the registration of more Indian students in Lyon,” she said.

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