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Relationship Advice

5 Tips for Flirting With Confidence

Striking a balance between green-lighting guys in a confident manner, and not pushing them away by coming off too strong, can be an effective way to approach flirting.

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Top 5 Ways to Approach Women

Approach anxiety is one of the most common feelings that stop a guy from talking to a woman they’re attracted to – or flubbing the encounter if they do. I encourage guys to throw the cheesy pickup techniques out the window and really communicate; here are five of the most effective ways to do it:

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Is Past Dating Experience Relevant?

I don’t know how many relationships he’s had in the past, and even though it won’t affect how I feel about him, I would like to have at least a ballpark figure. I want to know if I need to let him take things slowly because he might be a little inexperienced or if he’s had a lot of dating experience.

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