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Talking Points

Being a Muslim in America

There’s never an insipid moment in the life of a member of an American minority. Islam. In my case, being the member of an ethnic and religious minority is all the more exciting.

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Talking Points with Purva Patel

This summer enrich your mind and improve your relationship skills at the Couple Zone Workshop. Ruchi Mukherjee, sat down with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate, Purva Patel to know more about Couple Zone

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Clements Rhythm

I created an ‘everyone-was-welcome-to-participate’ club, so that anyone, no matter how little their experience with dance, they could participate. To me, dance is meant to bring individuals together who enjoy the beats and rhythms of music, as dance is also a form of expression in which the individual can showcase their feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

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Beyond the 3 ‘R’s…

But what has not changed are the basic Rs… “Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic” are still as relevant today as they were a century ago. They are what brought us to this age of “the cloud” and they are what will take us, as a nation at the cutting edge, to the next frontier.

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Asia Society Texas Center

Paint The Town With Hanh Tran | As an artist, there are certain thought processes that I go through, but the common thread that we all have is our own individual creative minds that create the work without duplication or compromise.

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